Words: Use Them Wisely

Admittedly, I am a bad-tempered bear if it comes to grammar. However, I aswell apperceive a little about it. Please let me advice you so that you will not attending like an beast if you attack to actualize an act of literature, or even if you are just autograph a business document.

Let’s alpha with homonyms, which are words that complete agnate but acquire altered meanings.

peak, blink and pique – a peak is a top point, a peek is a quick attending and pique is a accompaniment of vexation. Now, let’s use them in sentences.

- I hiked to the mountain’s peak.

- I took a blink into the package.

- Their assertive accomplishments will annoyance Bob.

cite, site, sight- to cite is to acknowledgment something or adduce anyone as proof, a site is the area of an accident or object, and sight is the adeptness to see.

- Cite a access from one of Shakespeare’s plays.

- I catholic to the website of the Battle of Shiloh.

- The doctor says my afterimage is perfect.

they’re, there and theirthey’re is a abbreviating of they are, there is in or at a abode added than here, and their is of or apropos to them.

- They’re traveling there to see their grandmother.

its and it’sits agency acceptance to and it’s is a abbreviating of it is.

- It’s not my accountability that the car has a cavity in its fender.

your and you’re – Agnate to its and it’s. Your agency acceptance to you and you’re is a abbreviating of you are.

- You’re traveling to aces up your car.

affect, effect – affect is a verb acceptation to access or could cause change, effect is usually a noun acceptation the aftereffect or outcome.

- The apologetic accompaniment of the abridgement will affect everyone.

- Wine has a benign aftereffect on health.

accept and exceptaccept is a verb acceptation to acquire with approval, except is a lot of generally a preposition acceptation excluding.

- I affably acquire this honor.

- Anybody getting accustomed was there except for me.

principle and principalprinciple agency a law or basal truth, principal is the arch of an alignment or a sum of money.

- That assumption of accepted law was able-bodied accepted by the company’s arch associate.

Those aloft are a few of the a lot of egregiously acclimated ones. Here’s an online list of some added ones you should review.